At Sandalwood, we believe that truly outstanding interior design goes far beyond aesthetics.  Your home is much more than just a reflection of who you are or a showcase for your image.  Your home is the actual foundation for your life.  You sleep, eat, work and play in your home--it needs to be a healthy space.  At Sandalwood, we make it easy for our clients to achieve this goal.


We all want to live our best life, and designing for wellness has become the new standard in building and design.  The International WELL Business Institute (IWBI) describes the practice of wellness design as one which integrates scientific research on environmental health, behavioral factors, health outcomes and risk factors that affect health, with leading practices in design.  We are now prioritizing the health of our interior spaces above everything else--and our choices matter!  Whether we are selecting non-toxic products, sustainable materials or re-using vintage pieces, our interest in our long-term wellbeing is paramount.


Today's market is flooded with home improvement shows and inundated with social media and brand-marketing aiming to help us makeover our lifestyles into the perfectly curated image. The question then becomes, how genuinely informed are the decisions that you are making with regard to designing your home?  Are you providing your loved ones with the best options when it comes to a safe and healthy environment in which to grow?  As professional interior designers, we stay apprised of the ever-changing advances in the industry to promote our clients' overall long-term well-being.  As a result, our clients rest assured that their interiors are designed with the knowledge and expertise they deserve.  

why prioritize wellness design?

In this country, an estimated 93% of our time is spent INDOORS.  But as you can imagine, the human body was not designed for this!  We have certainly adapted to it over thousands of years, but at what cost?  Just as you exercise and try to eat healthfully, we practice biophilic design to reconnect you to your natural environment.  Many studies have shown a staggering rise in recent years of asthma, allergies and other environmentally- related illnesses, indicating that we must change the way we design our built environments.  By specifying sustainable materials that don’t off-gas dangerous chemicals, improving indoor air-quality and natural light as well as considerations for ergonomics, circadian rhythms and the ways we use technology today, at Sandalwood we are raising the bar for healthy living.

isn't "green" just too expensive?

Striving to live a more sustainable lifestyle can sometimes seem daunting, but we do what we can, based on the information we have.  At Sandalwood we SIMPLIFY the process for you.  We understand your time is valuable--we do the research for you.  The plethora of options available to consumers today may seem overwhelming at times, but you can count on us to stay apprised of the latest innovations in sustainable and wellness design practices to provide you with the guidance and expertise you need to select the healthiest and most eco-friendly products and materials for your home.  And NO it's not too expensive--it just has MORE VALUE in the long run.  We have come to realize that green design is simply too valuable to NOT invest in!!  In order to compete in today's demanding marketplace, manufacturers are constantly improving their green practices and costs have come down dramatically, making eco-conscious choices competitively priced.

what's my sofa got to do with it?

Whenever we have an opportunity to make a difference in the way that people live we take it seriously.  At Sandalwood, we value the wellbeing of people.  Not only OUR people, but ALL PEOPLE.  In addition to improving the lives of our clients, we are also dedicated to doing our part to improving the lives of artisans and tradespeople within our own country and around the globe.  We work exclusively with companies committed to fair trade practices and human rights.  In keeping with these values, we do not specify fast furnishings or disposable goods.   We love to support independent artists and value handcrafted goods made with time-honored techniques passed down through generations.  We also partner with Habitat for Humanity to place gently used home furnishings in their next life rather than sending it to the landfill.