the sandalwood APPROACH


1.  WE KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Time is truly a precious commodity. We respect your time and we want to make your interior design experience as enjoyable and straightforward for you as possible.  We find that approaching our endeavors with efficiency, humility and gratitude helps us to better serve your needs.  


2.  IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU.  Our clients are some of the best people we have ever met--they are also some of the busiest!  We promise to tailor your project to YOUR needs.  If you want to do it all the old-fashioned way, we will happily oblige.  If you want cutting-edge technology with paperless everything, we're thrilled.  This is design done YOUR way.


3.  WE'RE HOLISTIC.  We DON'T ring any bells or burn any incense, but we DO believe that the interior design process needs to go beyond the physical realm to serve the mind, body and spirit.  We do this by incorporating the principles of biophilic design, color psychology, and comprehensive wellness design, including the integration of natural light, clean air and thoughtful and informed space planning for the nourishment of the whole self.